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Work experience

Work experience

The Novium Museum offers a range of work experience placements to university students and school pupils.

We are committed to offering an inspirational work experience placement that gives real insight into a career in museums as well as an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills.

School Placements

Please note we are not taking any school placements until September 2024.  The Novium Museum can offer a four day placement to pupils from a local school. This placement will be offered to the most suitable candidate upon completion of an application form and informal meeting with a member of staff.

The placement offered will have a strong research and exhibition focus, and would suit pupils interested in history or the work of museums.

More information about the placement can be found below.

Object in Focus


For students who want to learn more about what it is like to work in a museum, especially what is involved in collections care and curating an exhibition, we have created a project to give them the opportunity to bring together, from start to finish, their very own small scale exhibition. This project titled 'Object in Focus' allows the student to pick an object from the museum collection (from a pre-determined list of artefacts selected by the museum's collections team). The students then research their chosen item before creating object labels designed to provide a visitor with extra information about the item. Their final task, with the help of museum staff, is to pull all of their work together to creating their very own display.

Main Activities

  • Researching an artefact from the museum's collections.
  • Producing a written document containing relevant local and national information about the artefact.
  • Photographing the artefact.
  • Creating exhibition text and labels about the artefact (based on research undertaken)
  • Producing a small scale exhibition for the museum.

Additional Activities

  • The digitisation of the museums conservation records relating to items in the museums archaeological collection. This will involve transcribing information from hard copy folders into a pre prepared database.

Qualities and Interests

We are looking for a student who:

  • Has an interest in history.
  • Enjoys research.
  • Is computer literate.
  • Is willing and able to work on your own initiative


Learning and Community Engagement Officer:

Work Experience Application Form (PDF) [130KB]

If you are interested in work experience at The Novium Museum, please complete the application form and return it to


College/University Placements

We welcome applications from college and university students. All applications will be considered on an individual basis and will depend on a suitable project being identified.

In the past we have welcomed students studying topics such as history, fine art, teaching, archaeology, museums studies, animation and anthropology.

Work Experience Application Form (PDF) [130KB]

If you are interested in applying please complete the application form and return it to