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Virtual field trip game

Welcome to your toys and games interactive game. You are about to enter Ebenezer's Toy Factory where there are three different games for you and your class to explore together. Novio will act as your guide and help you throughout each of the games.

For the best experience, we suggest you play the games on a computer, laptop or tablet, but not an Ipad.

  • Game 1 - 'Ebenezer's Big Ideas Book'
    Pupils are encouraged to think about the process of how to make a toy from selecting the raw material, to the finished product.
  • Game 2 - 'Ebenezer's Workbench'
    Pupils are challenged to design a doll from a selection of materials. Then they are asked to test out what might happen to the toy under different environmental conditions. Will their doll survive?
  • Game 3 - 'Ebenezer's Toy Delivery'
    During this fast-paced game pupils will be challenged to read an order form and select the correct to toys to package up using their click and dragging skills.

We really hope you and your class enjoy this interactive element of your virtual fieldtrip. If you have a questions or problems please contact the learning team by emailing

Ebenezer's toy factory (opens new window)