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Sea's the Day - The Selsey Fishery

Sea's the Day - The Selsey fishery

In 2018, Selsey Town Council received a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to undertake a project to re-engage the town with its fishing heritage. With support from the Selsey Fishery, Chichester District Council and the Manhood Peninsula Partnership, the project has created a permanent oral history and film record of the fishermen and women of Selsey, accompanied by a series of recipe cards and a book.

Selsey is located on the Manhood Peninsula, south of Chichester. The Selsey fishing industry has been a key driver in the development of the town that we know and love today.

The fishing tradition predates the establishment of the town and its story is interwoven into the community's history. The fishing industry remains hugely important and contributes £1.5million annually towards the local economy

The fishing industry is still very important to local residents, both old and new, who have a strong maritime connection. This is particularly so for those involved with the Selsey lifeboat, marine safety and sailing. Fishermen are strongly associated with the lifeboat, and the recent replacement of the Selsey lifeboat station is a reminder that the maritime scene in Selsey is changing.

This short film captures some stories and memories from the Selsey fishing beach told by the fishermen and their families to make sure we don't forget the fishing heritage of Selsey, which will also help ensure it has a future.