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Street Parties in Chichester

VE Day Street Party (CHCDM:P6123)

Other Street Parties took place across Chichester on 9th May as recorded in the Chichester and South Downs Observer 12th May 1945:

Very successful celebrations marked VE + 1 Day in Bramber Road and Cherry Orchard Road, where the residents had combined to give everyone a good time, primarily the children. Tables were laid in the open in Bramber Road, and 84 children sat down to tea, which comprised a seldom seen variety of victuals and fruit. Each household contributed to its quota, and while perhaps it is unjust to single out individuals in the organisation of this splendid effort, especial mention must be made of Mrs. Allin and Mr. Roy Smith. The tea was followed by a fancy dress parade, sports for the kiddies, and prizes for all and finally by the burning of an effigy of Hitler, followed by community singing.

On the same day, another marvellous party took place in Washington Street, organised by a small committee. A great tea party in the street, served on florally adorned tables, afforded a happy sight which will be long remembered. Every housewife in the street took part in providing the treat.The oldest person present, who is over 80, considered it " the grandest party in her memory."

Money had been liberally contributed and there were plenty of prizes for after tea sports, even losers in the children's events receiving a shilling. A 5s. savings stamp was presented from the street to the victory baby of Mr. and Mrs. Buckland. Games followed the races, and there was music. A large bonfire was lit at the bottom of the street, and several members of the Forces joined in the dancing. Men in comic costumes and others in fancy dress contributed much to the fun. The party wound up with " Auld Lang Syne," the National Anthem, and a silent prayer for absent friends.

Another street effort which calls for comment was the formation of a band of youngsters in Louis Road who, dressed in grotesque costumes and equipped with bugles, whistles, and improvised drums paraded parts of the city on both days, causing a good deal of amusement. They collected a useful sum for the Red Cross.

VE Day Street Party (CHCDM:P6123)
VE Day Street Party (CHCDM:P6124)
VE Day Street Party (CHCDM:P6125)