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Shippam's Advertising

Shippams Paste Advert Board

In 1992, the advertising archives of C.Shippam Ltd went up for sale with local auctioneers Stride & Son. The museum was lucky enough to be able to purchase the collection with the assistance of what is now the V&A Purchase Grant Fund. The Shippams advertising archive is a unique collection of advertising material relating to the internationally famous local Shippams food firm

The collection comprises over 830 items of printed papers and artwork used to advertise the products of C.Shippam Ltd of East Walls, Chichester. The collections includes shop-display cards, three dimensional displays (in flat form), product labels, promotional literature, letters to sale representations, original artworks, promotional photographs, product boxes, labels, window stickers and packaging dating from 1910 onwards. Shippams was one of Chichester's and the county's most important and popular business, employing thousands of people locally, and often several generations of the same family.

Shippams Advert 1
Shippams Advert 2
Shippams Film Advert
Shippams Paste Advert Board