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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Jupiter Stone

Chichester District: a place where businesses can flourish; where communities are active, happy places; where residents and visitors can find fulfilling cultural, leisure and sporting activities; and where a good quality of life is open to all.' - Chichester District Council's Vision: Corporate Plan 2018-21

Our Vision

To build a stronger community by connecting people with the past, present and future of Chichester District.

Our Mission

We collect and preserve the heritage of Chichester District. We use our collections and external loans to maximise educational benefit and social impact for our community, helping people feel part of their society and shaping the local distinctiveness of the District. We provide enriching, participatory and inspiring experiences for learning and enjoyment for our local community and visitors, contributing to a thriving local economy.

Our Values

  • Community. We interact with and make a difference to our community through communication, collaboration and partnership working.
  • Participation. We actively encourage dynamic interaction between our collections and our visitors in order to educate and inspire.
  • Innovation. We are ambitious and strive to build new ideas into our work.
  • Accessibility. We welcome everybody and seek to share our collections as openly as possible. We break down barriers to engagement with the museum.
  • Legacy. We safeguard and develop our collections for the benefit of future generations.
  • Fun. We bring enjoyment to people's lives by providing entertaining and enriching experiences.


Our Key Objectives

1. Create a leading visitor experience

2. Expand our reach and reputation

3. Collaborate with our community

4. Increase access to our collections

5. Diversify and increase funding streams