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Anne Scicluna's VE Day Memories

Anne Scicluna



My memories are small, as I also was small at the time (you may say that I've never grown much).  We lived in St. Paul's Road.   I do remember my sister and me being woken up and got out of bed.  Our clothes were put on over our nightwear and we were walked down to the town.  This was exciting in itself as it was night time and we should have been in bed asleep.  

I remember West Street by the Cross.  There was a lot of singing, dancing and noise going on - we little ones didn't know why that was.  But the overwhelming memory for me is of the light!  Of course, we had never experienced light at night before, as blackout had been in force all our lives.  The atmosphere was almost electric and the emotions very contagious - everyone was excited and happy.  I really don't know whether anyone was drunk, but I wouldn't have noticed that anyway - and probably there wasn't the alcohol available at that time.  But the light and the happiness!!  It's stayed with me all the rest of my life.