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Mystery Warrior - The North Bersted Man

mystery warrior lead image

'In more than thirty years of archaeology this is the most spectacular discovery that I have witnessed' - James Kenny, District Archaeologist.

Although the Mystery Warrior: The North Bersted Man exhibition has now closed, the Mystery Warrior, along with all of the grave goods from the burial, including the helmet and openwork crest have been transferred to the local history gallery on the first floor of the museum, where it will remain on permanent display. 

Our virtual tour of the full exhibition is still available to view. 

The 'Mystery Warrior' was discovered in 2008 by Thames Valley Archaeological Services Ltd. This was found during archaeological investigations, prior to the construction of Berkley Homes' Bersted Park.

Arguably the most elaborately equipped warrior grave ever found in England, archaeologists believe he was a refugee French Gallic fighter who fled Julius Caesar's Roman Army as they swept across continental Europe around 50BC.

Due to the significance of the artefacts, a team of world class experts worked with The Novium Museum, to analyse and interpret the finds to tell the story of this incredible individual.

As a legacy of the project, a permanent information plaque has been unveiled at the site where the Mystery Warrior was discovered at Bersted Park, with thanks to the support of Arun District Council.