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Reconstructing The Lives Of Dinosaurs

An Evening Talk with Darren Naish

Darren Naish

Thursday, 19 September at 6.30pm, includes entrance to the Dinosaurs: Hungry Hatchlings exhibition from 5.30pm

£8.50 per person, booking is essential. Book now: Reconstructing The Lives Of Dinosaurs (opens new window)

Darren William Naish is a British vertebrate palaeontologist, author and science communicator.

Darren will discuss the evidence, and also the speculations and extrapolations, used in bringing dinosaurs back to life. Numerous fascinating and sometimes spectacular fossils give experts crucial insights into dinosaur behaviour. Perhaps more important is evidence from living animals, and specifically from those that surround dinosaurs in the family tree, birds in particular. Combined, this evidence shows that the world of dinosaurs was colourful and complex, and perhaps sometimes surprising and bizarre.