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Romans at the Museum

Wednesday, 29 May at The Novium Museum

Roman Takeover

Join us at The Novium Museum from 11am until 4pm on Wednesday, 29 May for a Roman takeover!

Free of charge, no need to book

This year, a thrilling spectacle of re-enactment will be taking place inside The Novium Museum, brought to you by Legio Secunda Augusta, one of Europe's leading Roman re-enactment groups!

From gladiators to Roman soldiers, this expert team will provide an unforgettable immersive experience, educating and entertaining you in equal measures!

Throughout the museum, members of Legio Secunda Augusta will take you back in time.

Learn about:

·         Life in the Roman army

·         Roman artillery and field medicine

·         The lives of ordinary Romans, including cooking and home life

·         Slavery

·         Religion

This interactive takeover day will encourage audience participation, and spectators are encouraged to dress up!

Legio Secunda Augusta (opens new window) is one of Europe's pre-eminent Roman re-enactment groups and encompasses the full range of military and civil life - from artillery, to slaves, medical staff and music. They provide an unforgettable live experience for anyone witnessing a re-enactment.